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Former Deputy Police Chief of Fresno Offered Plea Deal

While he was likely arresting and supporting the arrest of drug crimes suspects in Fresno, former Fresno Deputy Police Chief Keith Foster may also have been involved in the distribution of drugs and making a profit from the sale of heroin, mari...
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Two Males Arrested in Fresno for Alleged Hate Crime

The video footage shows the 68-year-old man being struck by the vehicle. Speculation abounds surrounding the moments before this occurred. Investigators are alleging that the incident was a hate crime. The two suspects are being investigated by...
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Fresno’s Real Time Crime Center: Too Much Surveillance?

Is the price of safety constant surveillance? The public has been forced to consider this question for centuries but with current technology, we have had to consider the question with increased diligence and concern. Our purchases are tracked, ...
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The President: Time to Rethink Solitary Confinement, Especially for Juveniles

In July of 2015, President Obama took the unprecedented step of visiting a federal prison while he still held office. Perhaps his recent announcement was influenced by that visit. On Monday January 25 President Obama announced that solitary con...
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Fresno-Area Police Make 62 DUI Related Arrests Over Holiday Week

The recent efforts by Fresno and Madera County law enforcement agencies should generally be seen as a victory for public safety: the Winter Holiday DUI Mobilization campaign ran from December 18 through December 26 and on weekends through Janua...
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Thanksgiving: Holiday DUI Season Begins

The night before Thanksgiving marks the start of a festive and fun-filled holiday season, but a dangerous trend accompanies the celebrations: each holiday season, alcohol-related fatalities and injuries, especially those related to DUI, increas...
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Manhunt in Bay Area for Suspect in Fresno Murder

A recent murder in the Bay Area has police aggressively seeking a suspect wanted throughout the state of California. The suspect may also be responsible for a murder in Fresno and may also be implicated in a recent murder in Sacramento. A ...
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Fresno Crime Spiking, Police Trying to Target Highest Crime Areas

One of the many areas of Fresno where crime has spiked is the Kings Canyon area. Throughout southeast Fresno, violent crime has become extremely widespread. Robberies and other crimes have also been reported in that region. However, the Kings C...
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Fresno Police Receiving Essential Community Support to Combat Violent Crime

Police, prosecutors and other law enforcement authorities alone cannot significantly reduce crime over the long term. Crime cannot be "punished" away for anything but short periods of time. To lower crime rates over the long-term, public policy...
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Fresno Police Facing Recruitment Challenges

The City of Fresno has plans to recruit 100 new officers in the next 18 months. The Fresno Bee reports that meeting this goal will be exceptionally challenging. The Bee cites high crime rates and increased public scrutiny as a result of heavil...
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