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Guns on College Campuses

Fresno State students are focusing on their own protection this week. California is one of 21 states with laws banning guns on college campuses. A Fresno State Senior directed students to line tables promoting self-defense with tools like mace....
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Fresno Jail Criminal Rehabilitation

Most jails around the country are having problems with overcrowding. Criminals are being released from jail before their sentence is up because jails simply do not have enough beds for all inmates. Fresno County is looking to open criminal reha...
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Marijuana In Fresno

Last fall Fresno has one of the largest pot busts in the county’s history. Narcotics agents confiscated thousands of marijuana plants, many ten feet tall. Immigrant farming families tended the pot farm. Among the people arrest were Iowlan...
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Fresno Police-Brutality Trial

Fresno has had a recent uproar regarding the trial of Fresno Police Department Sergeant Michael Manfredi. Manfredi mistakenly “launch kicked” a beer bottle from a handcuffed suspect. The prosecutors state that the bottle was found 1...
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Shots Fired at Marijuana Farmers, Police Asking for Information

Detectives in the Fresno area are asking for help in finding any information the public might have about a recent incident involving a shooting directed at area pot growers. At this time, there is little information about the suspects, but seve...
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