The video footage shows the 68-year-old man being struck by the vehicle. Speculation abounds surrounding the moments before this occurred. Investigators are alleging that the incident was a hate crime. The two suspects are being investigated by state and federal authorities. If a hate crime did occur there is no doubt it is tragic. Thankfully the victim of the car crash survived but tragedy will be the result if two people are convicted of a crime they did not commit. Thus far, the media and law enforcement seem to be convicting the suspects before they have shared their stories in court. In a recent Fresno Bee article, Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer firmly asserts the suspects’ guilt. The video footage is disturbing but does not indicate that the two suspects should be convicted of a hate crime.

The incident occurred on an early morning in December of 2015. Amrik Singh Bal, who has since recovered, was seriously injured.  This is a fact. However, the men charged with attacking him have yet to have their day in court. Judgement should be reserved until all the facts of the case are known and the exact circumstances surrounding the incident have been revealed. If these suspects are convicted of a federal hate crime, their lives will be catastrophically impacted. They deserve a fair trial and a robust defense especially when the stakes are so high.