The recent efforts by Fresno and Madera County law enforcement agencies should generally be seen as a victory for public safety: the Winter Holiday DUI Mobilization campaign ran from December 18 through December 26 and on weekends through January 4. The Christmas holiday is well-known for a higher than average number of drunk driving crashes throughout California and the nation. The Fresno and Madera County task forces arrested 62 people during the Christmas campaign. Some of these drivers may be convicted of the most serious charges possible. Unfortunately, many of them may have been victims of overzealous police officers and law enforcement tactics that violate the rights of suspects.

Police checkpoints will be operating throughout the holiday season, over Super Bowl weekend, and on upcoming three-day weekends. These will surely take some dangerous drivers off the streets of Fresno and surrounding communities. Many drivers who are not guilty of driving under the influence will be detained or inconvenienced as a result of these checkpoints. If you are detained at a DUI checkpoint, keep in mind that the Supreme Court has ruled that such checkpoints are constitutional. But also keep in mind that you do have rights. Furthermore, just because you have been arrested on suspicion of DUI does not mean you are guilty. You can fight back with an attorney on your side. If police stop you, be polite, say as little as possible and cooperate. Then ask to contact an attorney.