One of the many areas of Fresno where crime has spiked is the Kings Canyon area. Throughout southeast Fresno, violent crime has become extremely widespread. Robberies and other crimes have also been reported in that region. However, the Kings Canyon corridor is not the only troubled area. The Fresno Bee reports that crime has increased throughout the city by 13% compared to last year. Police are stepping up patrols and redoubling their efforts to put an end to the increase in crime.

While police are tasked with an extremely dangerous and difficult job and should be lauded for their work, police action is not the solution to increases in crime because underlying socioeconomic disparities cannot be solved by police force alone. While the crime rate may or may not be reduced in the short-term as a result of police efforts, solving the crime problem in Fresno will take a much more concerted effort by the community, politicians and other civic leaders.