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Uptick in Fresno Homicides

Fresno has seen a major uptick in homicides compared to this same time last year. The Fresno Bee reports that there have been twelve murders thus far in 2017. In 2016, there had been seven up to this point in the year. The number may rise to th...
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Fresno Protestors Decry Trump Immigration Policies

Marches and various forms of organized and spontaneous protests have been occurring since before the president was inaugurated. Those public expressions of disappointment and anger have been triggered once again by the president’s latest announ...
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ICE Agents in Fresno County Jails a Solution?

Fresno County Sherriff Margaret Mims is at the forefront of an aggressive deportation policy. President-elect Trump has publicly stated that one of his priorities is securing the US border with Mexico and deporting millions of undocumented immi...
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What Does California’s New Marijuana Law Mean for You?

On November 8, the voters of California decided to make marijuana a regulated legal drug much like alcohol. People 21 and over may now legally use marijuana for recreational purposes. Despite this massive change in the law, marijuana posses...
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Fresno Hit-and-Run Crash Suspect Should Seek Immediate Counsel

The crash occurred in Fresno on the night of October 26, according to the Fresno Bee.  It involved several vehicles stopped at the intersection of Ashlan and Blythe Avenues. One person was injured. The driver, who allegedly caused the cra...
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What's Behind the Attack of a CHP Officer in Fresno?

The images are troubling and there is no excuse for the behavior shown in the video posted by KSN TV Fresno.  The California Highway Patrol officer was accosted in his car as a group of people shouted at him and violently shook and struck...
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The Tragedies Continue at Corcoran State Prison

The long-troubled California state penitentiary has allowed another horrific crime to occur within its walls. Chad Ku of San Diego has been identified as the victim of a brutal murder while in prison custody. The suspect is his cellmate who is ...
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New Report on Fresno PD Demands Changes

A recent report from the police auditor focuses extensively on the Dylan Noble shooting. Noble was shot in late June by police. Their body camera footage of the incident was released on July 13. Noble was unarmed at the time of the shooting...
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Orlando Attack Reverberates from Coast to Coast

The attack in Orlando will continue to impact the nation forever from coast to coast including those of us in Fresno. In recent days a vigil was held at the Fresno Catholic Church, St. Mary Queen of the Apostles. The name of each of the 49 vic...
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Fresno Police Responding to Accusations

Freddy Centeno was, by all accounts, a mentally ill man. The police video released recently is graphic and shows the 40-year-old Centeno responding to police commands. According to police accounts, Centeno appeared to be threatening officers. ...
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