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San Joaquin Valley Defense Lawyers with Wide-Ranging Experience in State and Federal Courts

If you have been arrested, you face the possibility of massive fines that may cripple you for decades to come; you may be forced to serve time in a county jail, a state prison or a federal penitentiary. When the stakes are high and your freedom is on the line you must ensure that the scales of justice tip in your favor. Call 619-239-2186 to speak with Attorney Michael Berg.

With a dedicated staff, access to leading experts, and unmatched knowledge of the justice system, Michael has the experience you need on your side if you face federal criminal charges and the full weight of the federal government. We are prepared to protect you no matter how serious the legal challenges you face.

 Call us for a free consultation at 619-239-2186 to discuss your case:

  • Drug crimes involving state and federal charges for possession, distribution, manufacture and importation
  • Sex crimes such as rape, child molestation or other crimes that may involve federal criminal charges related to Internet sex crimes and child pornography
  • DUI including first-time California DUI or more serious charges including repeat DUI and vehicular manslaughter
  • Prescription drug crimes related to illegal possession, doctor shopping, and prescription forgery
  • Juvenile crimes including violent crimes, underage drunk driving, and juvenile drug possession
  • Domestic violence and related areas including appealing restraining orders
  • Appeals related to all criminal prosecution and administrative hearings including license suspension appeals and restraining order appeals in the San Joaquin Valley.

We also have the vast resources needed to defend you against white collar criminal allegations including federal RICO charges, money laundering and fraud. We also represent clients accused of theft, domestic abuse, and every criminal charge imaginable.

For criminal defense attorneys in Fresno with a long history of success, call 619-239-2186.    

 A Fresno Criminal Defense Law Firm for Appeals, State Crimes and Federal Charges

Many California law firms focus exclusively on appeals but we have handled innumerable appeals and use our extensive experience in criminal defense cases for our clients’ benefit. Appeals are high stakes and require diligent attention to detail.  When you contact us for criminal defense, representation at a DMV hearing, in a federal sex crimes case, or in state or federal appellate court, you will see the benefits that extensive experience can provide.  We are diligent, passionate, and experienced with a record that proves our reputation is deserved. Call 619-239-2186.