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Comprehensive Criminal Defense for the San Joaquin Valley

At some law firms, criminal appeals are all that they handle. We are highly experienced in appellate courts and we have the particular skills needed for this area of the law. Our ability is beyond dispute and our record is proven. But we do not only focus on criminal appeals. Instead, we utilize our deep experience in criminal defense for the benefit of clients who seek us out for appeals.

If you have been the victim of mistaken or misguided justice, you must appeal your conviction with highly skilled attorneys on your side. We have helped countless people through the appeals process and we can help you if you have been wrongfully prosecuted. Our areas of focus in appellate courts include:

  • Murder Conviction Appeals
  • Serious DUI Appeals  
  • Drug Crimes Appeals
  • Appeals involving California‚Äôs Three Strikes Law

Regardless of the legal troubles you may be facing, we will be on your side. Call 619-239-2186 for experienced criminal appeals attorneys in Fresno.

Appealing License Suspensions and Restraining Orders

We are deeply experienced in the highest stakes cases that involve the risk of decades in prison and massive fines. But we also realize that the stakes are high even when matters of life and death are not involved. You may have had your license suspended or revoked in Fresno. You may have had a restraining order imposed on you. We are one of the few Fresno law firms that offer assistance in appealing these types of administrative orders.  Winning an appeal in such matters requires particular abilities. We have these abilities and a proven record. We get results for our clients.

Whether you are fighting conviction for a serious drug crime or you are seeking legal guidance through a divorce that involves accusations of domestic violence and restraining orders are involved, we are the law firm you need on your side. For decades, we have been the lawyers that countless Fresno residents turn to when they need exceptional legal representation.

Tip the scales of justice in your favor; call 619-239-2186.