A recent murder in the Bay Area has police aggressively seeking a suspect wanted throughout the state of California. The suspect may also be responsible for a murder in Fresno and may also be implicated in a recent murder in Sacramento. A massive manhunt is underway for the 18-year-old resident of Oakland.  

The suspect, Jason Alexander Brown, is considered armed and dangerous and is a suspect in the killing of a man inside a Fresno restaurant in September. More recently, he is wanted in the shooting death of a man outside a Livermore CVS store. Another man was also shot several times in that incident.

Though witnesses and video footage may indicate Brown’s involvement, there are a wide variety of approaches that a defense attorney may take to minimize his risk of conviction. If exoneration is impossible, a skilled defense attorney can limit the suspect’s exposure to the most devastating penalties. When a suspect faces serious charges such as murder and attempted murder, it is never too early to call an experienced defense attorney.