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Internet Crimes

Fresno Internet Crimes Lawyer

More than 70% of all Internet crimes occur in the United States.  Of these, 10% are believed to occur in California and keep Fresno criminal defense lawyers very busy.

The growing use of the Internet to peddle child pornography, commit financial fraud, and engage in a variety of other crimes, has led to an entire range of Internet crimes. Internet crimes can very often also violate both state and federal law. Therefore, it is important that you have a Fresno internet criminal defense lawyer who can represent you in both state and federal courts.

Typically, Internet crimes can include:

  • Internet pornography, including solicitation of child sex online
  • Sex crimes on the Internet, including trying to contact a minor on the Internet for the purpose of luring the minor outside the home
  • Identity theft, including the use of phishing scams
  • Internet fraud, including eBay scams, modeling scams, phishing e-mails and e-mails that are sent to obtain access to private financial information
  • Credit card fraud
  • DNS hijacking
  • Internet gambling
  • Retail fraud, when online sellers collect payment on a purchase, but do not deliver the merchandise
  • Cyber stalking
  • Investment frauds - these Internet fraud schemes typically lure people to invest by promising great returns.
  • Computer game and video piracy

There are other more specialized Internet crimes that require the expertise of a specialized Internet crimes lawyer. These crimes include:

  • Hacking
  • Internet viruses
  • Planting of spyware

Typical punishments for Internet crimes can include imprisonment and heavy fines. Many times, prosecutors also choose to pursue restitution and probation.  If you have been accused of an Internet crime, it is critical that you contact a Fresno Internet crime lawyer as soon as possible.