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Sex Crimes

Fresno Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys

California  Lawyers with a Reputation for Success in High-Stakes Sex Crimes Cases

California sex crimes penalties are extremely serious. If you have been arrested on any sex crime charge, you may face state and federal charges that could send you to jail for decades, force you to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life and pay massive fines. When the stakes are high, you need attorneys whose experience and skill are beyond dispute. You need Michael Berg on your side. Call 619-239-2186 for a free and confidential consultation.

We have answers to the most complex legal questions and we have a history of successfully defending clients from the most aggressive state and federal prosecutors. We are also highly experienced with sex crimes cases including those involving:

  • Statutory rape—often such allegations involve one party who is under the legal age of consent
  • Aggravated assault and rape—for cases that involve physical violence and bodily injuries
  • Internet sex crimes—these cases often include federal charges because Internet materials travel across national or international borders. These carry the risk of federal mandatory minimums.   
  • Child molestation—such cases require deft legal representation. We know that even the accusation can carry extreme penalties. Our defense strategy will minimize the damage to your reputation, your freedom and your livelihood. 


Sexting, possession of illegal pornography, lewd conduct; we are prepared for any sex crimes case in California including juvenile crimes. We are experienced, proven, and dedicated. Call 619-239-2186.

We are committed to getting your Fresno sex crimes charges dropped before trial. If your case must proceed to trial, you will have experienced trial lawyers on your side to diligently argue your innocence and fight for your freedom.  As we have helped countless people in the past, we can help you.

San Joaquin Valley Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers for Federal and California Charges

In sex crimes cases, making the right call to the right attorneys can be the difference between your freedom and a long prison sentence. Call us at 619-239-2186 or contact us online for a free and confidential consultation. We are on your side.