Marches and various forms of organized and spontaneous protests have been occurring since before the president was inaugurated. Those public expressions of disappointment and anger have been triggered once again by the president’s latest announcement that singles out “sanctuary cities” and his other statements and policies regarding immigration. More than 30 cities have been staging protests throughout the country, according to multiple media sources.  Not surprisingly, many people in Fresno have responded less than favorably to the president’s plan. Eyewitness News reported that nearly 150 protestors took to the Fresno streets in recent days. 

It’s too early to know how much the president’s policies will actually impact day-to-day life of millions of people. But even if his policies are never implemented, the arguments he is making are exacerbating a deep rift in America. Throughout the nation—from Fresno to New York City—the public seems to be aggressively lashing out. It has been decades since a president has taken such an aggressive stance on immigration policy and the public is reacting. If these policies are put into effect, the role for local law enforcement officials may change dramatically and impact the criminal justice system in unprecedented ways. This Fresno law firm is ready to defend the rights of the accused regardless of the changes in immigration policy.