Detectives in the Fresno area are asking for help in finding any information the public might have about a recent incident involving a shooting directed at area pot growers. At this time, there is little information about the suspects, but several witnesses have already reported some specifics about the car that was driven during the shooting and which also functioned as the getaway vehicle.

Fresno police and detectives are specifically seeking help in actually finding and specifically identifying this automobile that was used on Saturday, November 10 by the gunmen. A shooting that wounded two men that were tending to a marijuana farm occurred just northeast of San Joaquin that Saturday evening, a Fresno County Sheriff reported.

The incident took place at around 8:30 pm in the Alkali Flats area around the 3600 block of South State Avenue. Detectives believe the shooting was an intended robbery that went wrong.

As of November 13, one victim was on life support at the Community Regional Medical Center and not expected to live. The other victim had received superficial wounds and was treated at the hospital and released.

A Fresno detective said that there were at least three people involved in the shooting, possibly more. Witnesses reported seeing gunmen leave the area in a 2-door, dark colored Saturn or Honda vehicle headed east on Central Avenue. The car reportedly had a noticeable spoiler on the rear and a very loud exhaust system.

Anyone that has any information about this incident should call the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office at (559) 488-3111. They can also call the Crime Stoppers phone line at (559) 498-7867.

With the recent legalization of marijuana in the states of Washington and Colorado, it will be interesting to see how dynamics around marijuana use and the legal system might start to change in this country. Marijuana use is actually legal in California, but only for medicinal purposes. If marijuana were legal for recreational use in the state of California, it is possible that this shooting would not have occurred. However, at this time it can only be speculated that stealing the marijuana was the motive of this crime.