A Fresno County elementary school principle has apparently taken his own life after allegations of sexual impropriety with a student were made recently. Details of the case are still forthcoming and the allegations and probable suicide are still under investigation.

Fresno County deputies arrived at the principal's house early on the morning of Friday, June 6. They had a search warrant and, as they approached the house, the 42 year-old Orange Center Elementary principle apparently took his own life. The deputies reported hearing the fatal gunshot as they approached to serve the warrant, according to the Fresno Bee's story on the case.

The allegations of inappropriate contact between Principal Lance Clement and a student at the school had triggered an investigation but no formal charges had ever been filed. Unfortunately, in sex crimes cases, even false accusations can create severe upheaval in the life of the accused. Additionally, teachers, coaches, counselors, principals and other people who work with young people are often the target of such false accusations. In these cases especially, defense of the constitution is absolutely vital. No one should be persecuted or prosecuted without due process.

Though the investigation is ongoing there is reason to believe that the accusations led Clement to take his own life. While facing sex crimes allegations may seem overwhelming, suspects should always remember that regardless of how dire a situation may appear, highly skilled criminal defense attorneys can offer hope in even the most hopeless scenarios.