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Experienced Fresno Criminal Defense Lawyers with Deep Local Roots

Local Knowledge Counts when Selecting a Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney

Charles Magill and Laura Guzman-Magill are criminal defense attorneys with deep experience in California’s Central Valley. Charles has been a Fresno lawyer since 1989 after graduating from the San Joaquin College of Law. Laura has been a Fresno attorney since 1997 when she joined the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office. She now uses her experience as a prosecutor to defend clients against criminal charges throughout Central California. To speak with these two proven Fresno criminal defense lawyers, call 559-255-3425. 

When local, statewide and national media sources are seeking legal insight from a local defense lawyer, they often call Magill Guzman Magill. Charles Magill has appeared repeatedly on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX local TV affiliates. He has also been featured on NPR, in the Wall Street Journal and numerous other media outlets including Fresno Magazine and the Fresno Bee. The reason: his knowledge of the law and his ability to explain complex legal theory in down-to-earth ways.

Call 559-255-3425 for a free consultation with Fresno Defense Lawyers Charles Magill and Laura Guzman Magill. Our attorneys are local. Our attorneys are experienced. Our attorneys get results.

By having Magill Guzman Magill on your side, you will have attorneys who are deeply knowledgeable about the law but who are also deeply familiar with Fresno law enforcement officials, prosecutors, judges, and expert witnesses throughout California. In short, the lawyers of Magill Guzman Magill are exceptionally knowledgeable about the ways that the Fresno justice system operates. There are many Fresno area lawyers but few have our Fresno roots and our record of success. At both the state and federal level, our two attorneys have decades of experience fighting criminal charges against clients from every walk of life.

The Central Valley’s Comprehensive Criminal Defense Law Firm

People from all across the Central Valley contact us for legal defense against all types of criminal charges: DUI, Sex Crimes, Drug Charges.  We are prepared to defend you against all misdemeanor and felony charges. We are also highly experienced with juvenile crimes, domestic violence, appeals and a wide-variety of other criminal cases in Fresno.  No matter the charges you face in the Central Valley, our attorneys are here to help. Call 559-255-3425 to speak directly with Fresno Defense Lawyers Charles Magill and Laura Guzman Magill.

Over the last several decades, our criminal defense lawyers have been establishing a stellar reputation as two of California’s premier defense attorneys. We are prepared for any case, any state or federal prosecutor, and every complex circumstance that may be facing you. The criminal justice system can be brutal. You have the opportunity to have experienced, diligent, and proven defense attorneys on your side. Tilt the scales of justice in your favor. Call 559-255-3425.



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