A trial has been set for August 6 in Fresno, California, for Loren LeBeau, a former high school basketball coach.

LeBeau is accused of felony hit-and-run while driving under the influence (DUI). The incident occurred on a July evening last year in northeast Fresno when LeBeau struck 7 year old Donovan Maldonado, his 18 month old sister, and his father Jesse Maldonado around 9 p.m. while the family were using a crosswalk on their bicycles.  Donovan died a few hours later. His father and sister suffered serious injuries.

Police reports show that Le Beau was driving alone in his car after a day of drinking at nearby Bass Lake, a popular summer destination for Fresno residents. He was apparently driving near the speed limit of 40 mph when he struck members of the Maldonado family as they crossed Shepherd Avenue. Donovan was near the middle of the crosswalk on his own bicycle, behind his mother and in front of his father. His little sister Bella was on a seat attached to Jesse's bike. Donovan was struck and dragged 800 feet under Le Beau's vehicle. Jesse's front wheel was also struck and he and his daughter were thrown from their bike. LeBeau continued to drive off, then returned to the scene a few minutes later.

Bella sustained a serious brain injury that put her in critical condition. Her father Jesse suffered leg injuries that has needed multiple surgeries over a number of months, including a bone graft taken from his hip.

The former boy's basketball coach at Central High was legally drunk when the incident occurred. The blood toxicology report on LeBeau showed an alcohol level of 0.11, well above California's 0.8 limit for intoxicated driving. He was later put on paid administrative leave by Central Unified School District.

The Maldonado family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against LeBeau. They have also filed a case against the city of Fresno, claiming the crosswalk at which the accident happened was poorly lit.