The 24 hour business venue known as the The Hashtag was the scene of a fatal stabbing just after midnight on Friday, May 24, 2013. People regularly meet at this location in the Tower District of Fresno to work together in various types of projects.

The victim of the stabbing was Erica Catlapp, age 32. He left the business for a short break and returned minutes later with a stab wound. His friends placed a frantic call to the police. An ambulance rushed him to CRMC but all efforts to save his life were in vain. Catlapp had been living in the city for several years but the names of his home town or state were not reported.

The business is closed and is surrounded by the yellow crime tape. Streets in the area were also closed off as of Saturday morning as investigators search for clues. Pat Framer, a spokesman for the Fresno Police Department, stated that all video tapes of the area are being carefully scrutinized to determine if the action was caught on video or if there is any evidence of a suspicious person lurking in the area around that time.

According to the police this type of crime is completely unexpected. During the past few years crime rates in the entire district has declined by 14%. They are regarding it as an isolated incident and are investigating Catlapp’s background to determine whether he had any enemies that would target him in such a manner. It could also be a random attack unrelated to the victim or any of the patrons of the business. They are seeking assistance of any witnesses that may be able to provide them with further information leading them to a suspect or a motive.

Searching for a motive and a suspect will be an arduous task for the Fresno Police Department investigators and no stone will be left unturned to bring this murder case to a satisfactory close.