A deadly shooting took place in the parking lot outside of a bar in central Fresno. The bar is located near the corner of West and Shields in the middle of Fresno. Video from the inside of the bar on the night of September 27 shows that two women were arguing moments before the bar closed for the rest of the night.

According to the owner of the bar, the women were thrown out for having caused a ruckus. Later that evening the shooting took place. The victim of the shooting was Brandon Cervantes, who was 30 years of age at the time of his death. According to the owner of the bar, Cervantes did not seem to have any problem with anyone inside of the bar. He simply left.

Fresno investigators made several arrests in connection with the murder investigation during the week of October 18. On the evening of October 17, police arrested 25-year-old Daniel Rozadilla. Along with 25-year-old Raziel Cruz, it is believed that Rozadilla brutally beat Cervantes back in September.

Detectives believe that 22-year-old Kevin Ramirez pulled out a firearm after the beating. He then allegedly shot Cervantes. That shot took the man's life Officers have apparently arrested all three men. They claim that more arrests could also take place as the murder investigation continues. They also state that all three of these men are known gang members. That has lead some to believe that the violence may have been driven by gang concerns. While it does not appear that any challenge was issued, the killing could have been perpetrated because of some sort of gang activity.

It does not appear thus far that the argument between the two women caught on film had any baring on the case. Nevertheless, the case is not yet closed. As the month goes on more individuals may be arrested in connection with Cervantes' death. Unfortunately the bar owner claims that this bad publicity has done no favors for his business. Fewer customers seem to be going ever since the stories regarding the outburst of violence broke.