A series of violent crimes were carried out on Thursday September 12. The crimes took place west of Highway 99 in Fresno, California. Neighbors were sent dodging for cover, and the crimes also caused a brief shut down at a nearby elementary school.

The crimes apparently involved a series of shootings that, in spite of the outbreak of violence, didn't actually seem to cause anyone direct harm. Police were unable to locate any victims. They continued to search for suspects in what they assumed was a gunfight that must have erupted at an apartment complex.

If it was indeed a gunfight, it must have taken place at Polk and Fairmont avenues approximately before 10:00 AM. Police officers are also looking for some gunmen who were in a motor vehicle. They squeezed off some shots as police were investigating the initial shooting.

Gunfire erupted when a pair of individuals exchanged shots inside the abovementioned apartment complex. When officers arrived, they recovered shell casings and identified bullet holes in at least two units there. They also found a shattered sliding glass door in an apartment unit.

Later someone in a white motor vehicle opened fire at a person on the street south of the initial scene. Police officers launched a search for the vehicle in other parts of Fresno. An hour or so later officers detained a man hiding in a yard and investigated whether or not he played a role in any of the incidents.

Residents complained about the gunfire and said that it put them on edge. An individual who was taking a shower at the time reported hearing six gunshots from what sounded to him like two different firearms. Some residents have suggested that in spite of the nice looking apartments that they live in this kind of violence has been fairly common in the area.

Central Unified's Teague Elementary School was placed into a lockdown as the result. During it, students and faculty were kept in their classrooms. These sorts of things are now considered to be routine safety measures carried out by authorities when such incidents occur.