More than 50 pounds of methamphetamine have been seized by the Fresno Police Department after their months-long undercover operation. The value of the methamphetamine is approximately $350,000. The drugs were allegedly imported from Mexico.

The Fresno Bee reports that the investigation had been ongoing since March "when an undercover narcotics detective was introduced to a methamphetamine dealer. The man told the detective that he could get pounds of methamphetamine from Mexico, and an investigation began." As a result of the investigation, 18 people were arrested and four guns were seized.

The information reported thus far may indicate to the public that the case is fairly open-and-shut. However, a criminal defense attorney who focuses on drug-related criminal defense will sift through all of the evidence to determine if the rights of the accused have been violated or if there is any evidence that exonerates them. Even if the alleged perpetrators of the drug crime are guilty of a crime, they may not be found guilty of the most serious charges. A skilled attorney can find ways to have sentences reduced and penalties minimized. Everyone is presumed innocent until proven otherwise despite what preliminary facts of a case may indicate.