ABC Local, along with many other media sources, report that law enforcement authorities have made several arrests throughout Southern California related to an investigation alleging a conspiracy between the organization known as the Mexican Mafia and so-called drug cartel known as "La Familia."  

The conspiracy allegedly involved the sale and distribution of methamphetamine and marijuana throughout Southern California including within the state and federal prison systems. Two of the suspects arrested include local residents Michael "Boo" Moreno of Fresno and Jimmy Ruben Soto of Visalia. According to the ABC Local story,  both men are suspected members of the Mexican Mafia. Charges in the case may involve those related to RICO, conspiracy, fraud, money laundering, extortion and weapons violations.

Authorities have been conducting an investigation over the last several years and have seized over 600 pounds of methamphetamine during the operation. A related indictment also alleges that the organization known as Florencia 13, an alleged Southern California gang, was also part of the alliance and several members have been indicted on firearms, fraud, gambling and drug charges.

As more details are revealed over the coming days and weeks, some media sources, many members of the public, law enforcement officials and politicians may highlight the most sensational and lurid aspects of the case. But the rights of the accused must be rigorously defended despite public perceptions and other challenges involved.