Currently Fresno police are on the look out for three individual suspects who apparently held up a liquor store. Little information currently exists about the suspects, which makes the police investigation rather difficult. Investigations such as this one can be very hard to work out without descriptions of the suspects or any surveillance footage.

The three suspects held up a liquor store in northwest Fresno. The fact that they were wearing masks contributed to the lack of information about the case, since no one has apparently been able to describe their faces directly as of yet. Without a positive identification it can be difficult for any charges to be pressed as well. Needless to say there have been no arrests made in the case thus far. It would probably be difficult to actually find anyone to arrest since they were masked.

Police claim that the three masked men entered the store at approximately 8:15 PM on the evening of Thursday August 1. Two of the men flashed firearms. They then proceeded to demand cash.

They were apparently given some money as reports suggest that the men made off with an undetermined amount of cash. It's often the policy of places such as this to grant demands to thieves to avoid violent confrontations. Generally people are reluctant to actually use weapons if they can avoid it.

They then were more than likely able to make their way away from the store that is located near the intersection of Shaw and Marks. Employee testimony may be important in the future. Even though many details were obscured from view, it should be possible to at least collect information regarding height and the way that their voices sounded.

Still investigators might have a rough go of it even with that sort of data. Courts would probably be slightly averse to allowing this sort of testimony solely, and that means that anything that investigators can glean will become important in the near future. At times attorneys can be important in these situations as well, since they can look through the evidence and protect the innocent should unnecessary accusations arise as a result.