The video was removed quickly from Facebook but can still be seen on other social media sites. Last month a woman appears to be forcibly stripped and beaten as she walks through an area of Fresno. She is taunted throughout the video and pedestrians and passersby seem to take little notice of her. After an intensive search, the Fresno Bee reports that Fresno police arrested a suspect on Wednesday, October 8.  

The Bee story indicates that "Destiny Rico, also known as Baby Dreamer, was arrested Wednesday around 3:30 p.m. after police received an anonymous tip about her whereabouts at an apartment in northwest Fresno, police Sgt. Paul Cervantes said." The suspect, and another individual, allegedly tried to flee the apartment when police arrived.

In a previous article about this subject, the Bee reported that the alleged victim was not cooperating with police during the investigation. If the victim refuses to press charges or was a willing participant in what appears to be a gang initiation ceremony, the police may have little recourse despite the potentially disturbing nature of the video.